4th Annual Survey – The #bbcqt Production Team on Twitter

Welcome to the fourth annual survey of the BBC Question Time #bbcqt Production Team on Twitter. Who’s on? Who’s not? What’s hot? Who’s hot? etc etc etc.

I ran previous surveys on this blog on 16th May 2010, on 13th May 2011, and on 17th June 2012. Now it’s 2013, and I ask for the fourth time “Where are they now”? Here is the delightful outcome of this year’s intense Twitter study.

The Topline

The #bbcqt Production Team (using the closing credits from last weeks’ show) comprises 16 peeps of which 8 (50%) appear to be on Twitter of which only four can be described as “active”. I think last year’s figures were a team of 15 with 7 on Twitter (46%).

[Note that we don’t count @daviddimble (hisself) or other Gods such as @DIMBLEBOT in this “#bbcqt Production Team” surveyette. Also not included are the companies cited in the opening titles: Cloudbass is new this year, Three Squared was a new entry last year.

The Runthrough

The top human of the bill is STILL Paul Devine, Lighting Director – after three years, I STILL haven’t been able to find him on Twitter. He must be a mole. I think 2011’s joke from the Money-for-old-jokes Department is still excellent: “Come out from the dark, Paul” (“Lighting Director” / “Dark” < geddit?).

We have two new dudes this year on the front page: Alex Hudson aka @AlexHuds with 87 billion Twitter followers and Tim Harrison with zero. (“Interactive Producer” – zero????). Actually, @AlexHuds only has 4,521 followers. Lame. (Grin). Last year he was @aj_hudson with 3,355 followers. He also runs the @BBCQuestionTime twitter ID which was at 113,303 followers last year and is now at 183,616.


Stan Royle, Floor Manager for the last three years is gone and replaced by Mark Hinchcliffe. I can’t easily find him but I reckon it’s @MarkHinchcliffe – following 13 BBC types and with 12 followers but not yet confident enough to have done his first tweet. Alison Jones, bless her, the Vision Mixer, remains elusive after three years. Last year’s “Production Team” of Karen Davies and Amanda Perry has now morphed so Karen is “Script Supervisor” and Amanda is “Production Co-ordinator” but still lots of Karen Davieses and Amanda Perries but not found one relevant, as last year and the year before.


The cosmic Alison Fuller, Audience Producer is @Fullhouse21 and with 146 followers has tweeted 30 times in the last year. She’s won 28 new followers in one year. (Go on – let’s blitz this – follow her and blow her numbers out of the water!)  Danielle Lloyd, Head of Production – as in the last three years I could not find Danielle. Anita Boakye-Boateng who I think is @AnitaBeeBee is a “Protected Tweets” person with 5 followers. Assistant-Producer Ron Brown, @ronbrown01 was a newboy last year. He has tweeted 154 times over the year bringing his tweetcount up from 384 to 538 tweets and drawing in 137 new followers to 343. Brendan Miller @Brendan__Miller (note with two underscores – Brendan “Twounderscores” Miller) was a newboy in 2011 and now has done 2,716 tweets up from 1,537 tweets last year and has 1,098 followers up from 797 followers last year. Poor Natalie Higgins (@nataliesophia with 870 tweets and 469 followers) is now in the “Gone But Not Forgotten” basket gone from the #bbcqt scorecard.


A 2011 newgirl, Hayley Valentine @HayleyVa has bazooka’d her Twitter profile with 103 followers – that’s more than double the 44 from last year which was more than double the 14 from the previous year. She did 1 tweet in her first year, had done 2 by last year and now has a whopping 6 tweets to her credit. A stratospheric rise. Rob Hopkin, Director – couldn’t find him three years ago, or two or last year or this year. And Steve Anderson! Wow! What more can I say? What a babe! Executive Producer @steve1anderson has 2,214 followers up from 1,718 last year and 6,041 tweets up from 4,171 last year. 


Nicolai Gentchev – still can’t find the man, as last year and the year before.


So there you have it. I’ve updated last year’s League Table with the new skinny:


Gone But Not Forgotten

Big hugs and kisses to those gone by – still happy to see your progresses various:@bellamcshane @TomGillett1 @jennymparks and some nice updates from, in no particular order: @petercardwell,


And an update from supersplitter @jessbrammar (#bbcqt Twitter pioneer and inspirer-in-chief who left even before the first survey was done in 2010) was on her way back from Bangladesh via Dubai as we went to press today:


And from @nataliesophia who says she’s back at the BBC (huzzah!):



And from @ronbrown01 who advises on Stan Royle’s wonderful return to this evening’s episode with a nice snap of Stan with @Brendan__Miller “Stan the man alive and well enjoying a warm down pint here in Belfast” (Thank you Ron, Stan and Brendan):


Till May 2014?

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