Press Regulation – Time for Civil Disobedience

It’s gone too far.

The Budget is a sacred piece of Government communications. And you know what? It’s shared with “the Free Press” *before* our elected representatives and *before* you and me, Dicko, Marve and DJ Doz from the Rising Sun.

What’s so special about “the Free Press”? you may ask.

Go on, ask.

The answer is that “preannouncing” Government news to “the Free Press” is a cozy, corrupt, slimy, backhanded, untransparent, vile practice which seeks to protect power and influence and does so at the blatant expense of democracy.

We must take to the Streets to protest. We must make our protests heard. It must be outlawed. There must be resignations. This practice is simply not acceptable. And I’m going to eat Dicko’s crisps if he in any way says “It’s OK” because it’s not.

Here’s what happened today to raise the bile – the Evening Standard (or “Lebedev’s Evening Standard”) published the Budget before the Chancellor presented it to the House of Commons.


I’ll say again: “The Evening Standard Published The Budget Before It Was Presented To The House”. (Well, a bloody lot of it anyway – they obviously had had sight of the whole thing.)

How can we stop this practice? Press Regulation? I should coco. And a reciprocal Politician Regulation please.

#leveson #pressregulation #gizzard

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